Thursday, January 21, 2010

Get Your Red Hot Buffs Here

Welcome to the Red Hot Buffs blog, the best place for news, pictures, and video regarding the CU Men’s Lacrosse team as we look for the National Championship in 2010. We hope to keep you updated on all aspects of life out here in Boulder. By “you” we mean our parents, alumni, kids on the team who want to see themselves on the internet(i.e. number 18 who requested that top spot in the title), anyone who knows what the MCLA is, or maybe even who Connor Martin is, and anyone else who finds their way here. To start things off we have a couple videos from an early season practice in the bubble. Enjoy.

Lacrosse 1-19 (edit1) from Steven Keyes on Vimeo.

Lacrosse 1-19 (edit2) from Steven Keyes on Vimeo.

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