Right now our guestbook has 10 posts, about half of which are from Colin and Steve's mothers. We know it's cheesy but if you're not too embarrassed, let us know if you read, especially since our live feed only shows us where your from. Alumni, tell us what you're up to, where your livin', anything at all. If this doesn't convince you, we'll let midfielder CJ Dinardi do the rest. Here's his entry:

yo this is weak sauce. everyone needs to step it up and sign this guestbook with interesting or enticing stories in order to add some enjoyment to my class time. im really counting on you all to entertain me while my prof. drones on about god knows what. shout out to our brother colin across the way, i hope all is good in italia, i guess ill get up with you on facebook.

Relentlessly yours,


and if THAT doesn't get you going, here's what Bennie "the Jet" Johns gave us:

Greetings Bufflings. Three questions: How much potato salad is too much? What is the best thing about 'Merica? And why is Marty Taffet a yankees fan?


1. I haven't found the limit yet, but I'm leaning towards the possibility that no amount is too much

2. Jet fighters / Rockets

3. Nobody knows, maybe cuz he's just that hood


    So click HERE and sign it. 
    Your Red Hot Buffs