Friday, January 29, 2010

On Moving to Boulder

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Out of the Blue and Into the Black by Pete Stevenson

I grew up in one of the most conservative places in this great country of ours.I would tell you all the cool things about the UC, but lets have Steven Colbert tell you about it in the 53rd installment in the 435 part series about Utah’s 3rd district.
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One of the questions asked of me quite often is what it was like going from Provo to Boulder. It has been wonderful. I fit in more here in Boulder than I do in Provo. Here are some differences that I have noticed in convenient list form.
1. Different liquor laws. You had to buy booze at the state liquor store in Utah. Here there is a liquor store on every other corner. Also, Utah uses a clicker system at the bars; here in Boulder it is a free pour state meaning more alcohol in your drink.
2. Facial hair on campus. At BYU the university didn’t allow anything but mustaches on campus. You had to be clean-shaven to take a test or play lacrosse. At CU, beards are encouraged. There are some fantastic beards than facial hair expressionism going on here and I have joined by letting my hair and facial hair grow as long as possible.
2a. As a side note there, the picture I have of me on the CU site is one that was taken while I was at BYU with a shaved head and face. I look angry in the picture, “like a drill sergeant” one player said. When I showed up the first day with longer hair and a beard most of the players didn’t recognize me. And some expressed surprise because they thought I was going to be mean. Mostly because of that great picture.

3. Cursing. I do love a curse word. At BYU and at Orem High, cursing was frowned on. Here it is ####### encouraged.
4. Bicycles. Everyone here owns a bike. And they ride it as much as they can. I like that.
5. Recycling. Most of the restaurants have a recycling bin for several recyclable items next to the trash here. At Larkburger (my new favorite burger) they have a separate recycling container for the ketchup packets that you use. You would never see that in the UC. I really don’t care about recycling, so this one doesn’t really matter to me.
That is about it that I have noticed. But really, the places are not that different. People are people. You have some nice people and some mean people everywhere. There are Best Buy stores and the evil empire that is Wal-Mart in both towns. They have those fast casual restaurants and the same sort of strip malls everywhere. But I am happy here. This place is home. And yes, the title is a reference to the song by Neil Young.

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