Wednesday, February 3, 2010

BUFFALO GEAR TALK: Russell Athletic Shorts

It's that time of year again, time to get outfitted in all that sweet lax gear and time to work hard so by the time the season comes around, you can actually play as good as you look. The Buffs are thankful for their new outfitter, Pro Look Sports, out of somewhere over in Utah. A couple days ago we got our cold gear as well as a bunch of shirts and practice shorts. Everything looks and feels great, however, we were thrown one little wildcard: shorts made by Russell Athletic.

Last year our nike swooshes swooshed the same direction from our cleats to our shorts to our shirts, and to some, even our shafts. This time around, while everything looks and feels great, like I said before, a wildcard item has drawn our attention, those being of course the aforementioned shorts, Russell style. We'll now break down the pros and cons of the new digs.  

  • We were given two pairs of shorts this year which is great because we seldom wash
  • They're black, which matches our black shirts, which matches our black helmets
  • They're light and airy (borderline "dumpy", see link for an explanation on "dumpy")
  • The last people to wear Russell Athletic before the buffs were our fathers, thirty years ago, and apparently this guy as well  

Next up on Buffalo Gear Talk: All black Cascade Pro 7's with gold face-masks

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