Monday, February 22, 2010

SNOW BUFFS: Boots, Boards, & Ball Buckets

A whole bunch of us made the trek up to Breckenridge this past Sunday for some good old fashioned shralping. Josh Albrecht, Mike Geocaris, Witt Harlin, Steve Keyes, Nick Kupcewicz, Ben Litwak, Brad Macnee, Colin Rosenblum, & Nick Wramage were all in attendance. Tyler Sharkin was spotted in the parking lot but was never actually seen on the hill.  The snow was great, the lines were few, and the good times were had by all.

Colin, Wramage, & Litwak. CO Lacrosse Steez.

Kup & Colin. The only skiers on today's trip. Georgia Ping Steez.

We stopped off at Raphael's place mid-day.

He has a killer pad.

Josh & Brad. Stoked.

Witt & Geo. Super stoked.

After Raphael's it was lunch time.

Brad & Litwak. Ready to continue the shred.

Even in the mountains we're still lacrosse players.

Video to follow shortly.

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  1. sunday, shredding, snow buffs, steezy, hell yes.