Sunday, March 14, 2010

2010 Opening Weekend Recap

CU vs UNH: LOSS 9-8

Last friday the Red Hot Buffs opened the season in a not so hot fashion, losing last minute by a goal to the unranked wildcats of New Hampshire.

CU vs Simon Fraser: WIN 17-7

Two days later on Sunday night, we were running red hot again. We spanked the Canucks from Simon Fraser University. vs WIN

Many of you may not know, but we got our inspiration for from another team. That team just happened to be the University of New Hampshire. Although we lost on the field, we believe we won on the blog. Our blog is classier, cleaner, and full of more interesting content. We may not be journalism majors, but we still know how to blog.

Despite the loss to New Hampshire they were good sports and came to cheer us on against Simon Fraser. They were not just spectating either, they were true fans, with some serious chants. Some of the memorable chants were:

Blackburn take it to the rack
24 your mom sucks at curling
Uncle Sam
Oompa Loompa
Down goes Fraser
Oh Can-a-da
God Bless America (entire song)

and last but not least,

We here at would like to shout out Michael Maloney for his excellent work on the New Hampshire blog. Check it out here

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