Sunday, April 18, 2010

From the 4's: "So coach, what are the odds that a player like me could get in a game like this?" "Honestly, one in a million." "So you're saying there's a chance!"

Well, it's official, the fourth line is no more. Don't worry though, we will still be bringing you "From the 4's" as promised, a segment where normally, the fourth line middies, Steve Keyes, Nick Wramage, and Thomas Appel give you their most profound ponderings. This is the first edition to come after a win, so enjoy!

"50 and No" was our original title, but a lot's happened since then. 

Vitamin A consumption helps night vision.

Thomas told us he had a lot to add this week but that he forgot.

There was a time when Steve called himself a Michigander, after Saturday night he is officially a Coloradan.

AJ got a business card in the handshake line.

He also signed an autograph.

The Fours are now the Threes.

Appel had a shot last night.

The CU Lady Laxers beat CSU on Sunday, somebody had to do it.

Before it was quickly devoured, Mrs. Taffet's Oreo Cake was adorned with "Red Hot Buffs".

New Hampshire, your "live free or die" attitudes are sorely missed on our sidelines.

And at the Walrus.

Our new t-shirts were inspired by these guys:

We have more quality wins than Hopkins. True Story.

When will the MCLA mag show us some love?

More importantly, when will they give us a cover like one of these:

 The Fours


  1. this is good shit keep it up

  2. quote from a quiet fan, back in the garden state: "CU is the team that everyone else is gonna be a little scared of going into the stretch"...congrats vs BYU! Y'ALL get an automatic A in our class!

  3. i left my heart at the walrus

    unh lax