Thursday, April 22, 2010

Poll #5: Best 'Stache of 2010

On behalf of CU Lacrosse, we hear at would like to welcome you to the highly anticipated 2010 Mustache March contest. There are many competitors and the decision will be tough. Please take your time and choose the 'stache that you feel best exemplifies CU lacrosse. Best of luck to all competitors. Check out the pictures after the jump.

Alex Puldy

Fred Reisen

Witt Harlin

Steve Keyes

CU Women's Lacrosse.
Stuart, Margaret, and Jody

Chase Taylor

Jeff Kendall

Jaclyn, our trainer

Knick Wramage

Ben Litwak

Coach Taylor

Sam Tallman

Marty Taffet

Mike Britt

And lastly, Sergeant Blackburn


  1. I don't think it counts as a 'stache unless the rest of the face is fairly unhairy.

  2. Sooo, the girls team is really making a comeback right now

  3. Steve Keyes loves Ross Chakrian