Saturday, May 15, 2010

From the 4's: The Last Edition

Welcome to From the 4's, a segment where the 4th line middies, Steve Keyes, Nick Wramage and Thomas Appel give you their most profound ponderings. If you've been following the fours this season, you may very well know that the fours are in fact no more. About a month ago they upgraded to the 3rd line and others had to chime in. Now, this segment has become a group effort that we at RHB are very proud of. So, without further adieu, we give you the very last edition of From the 4's...
...Until next year.

There was a dead bird on Kittredge field Saturday.

A four never eats cus' he's hungry, he eats not to get hungry later.

"Baby Nutz" didn't want our free tall tee at the Denver Skatepark;

No one did for that matter.

Duck Hunt!

You're welcome Florida:

I'm starting to live life in terms of whether it can be blogged or not.

So, this happened:

and by "this" I'm referring to the tuck in on the right.

When you search "MCLA" in google, Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts comes up first.

Saturday night we got together and watched a great championship match up on Fox College Sports. The 10-2 Drexel Dragons beat the 12-4 Cal State Long Beach 49ers (Ridiculous name).

As of Thursday night we've gotten really into Perplexus.

Johns Hopkins Senior Midfielder Mike Kimmel was quoted in Inside Lacrosse wishing he could go skiing because he hasn't had time as a NCAA D1 athlete. 

Come to CU, MCLA D1 athletes get pow days in May. 

Recently the Vail Shootout was voted the best Summer tournament.

Also something that can be found in Colorado. 

Congrats to Geo and Michelle, the all-american men.

Thanks for a great year.


Wramage was in charge of it...

He just switched majors to ENGLISH!

      The Fours


  1. Hey Steve, it's Coach Keith, #1) who is that with the tuck in? lol and 2) how did you get that pic over from kents photos? email me at Thanks

  2. Take it easy Coach...It's summer time