Friday, August 20, 2010

Red Hot Beats: Chiddy Bang

School starts on Monday for the Buffs and what better way to celebrate than with a new segment. Midfielder Witt Harlin, also know as "DJ Dew-itt", is a musical know-it-all on the CU lacrosse team. In his segment he'll review some of our favorite pre-game tunes.  He starts us of here with a rap duo known as "Chiddy Bang", a group that will grace us with their presence tomorrow night on Farrand Field for the Welcome Back Concert. Enjoy!

Fresh out of Philly, Chiddy Bang is comprised of Chiddy (emcee) and Xaphoon Jones (DJ/producer) who combine elements of Indie and Electronica with some quality lyricism.  Sometimes using samples from artists like Sufjan Stevens, Passion Pit and even Mary Poppins for inspiration, Xaphoon completely turns the tracks into something of his own. While Chiddy's lyrics touch upon some heavy topics from socioeconomics to conflict in Nigeria ("Sooner Or Later"), they find balance in feel good jams like the playful "Fresh Like Us", whose beat is sampled from French pop artist Yelle, or the triumphant "The Opposite of Adults (Kids)", whose beats is sampled from MGMT.  All in all, Chiddy Bang's end product is a highly accessible blend of Hip-Hop, Indie, and Electronic genres that is changing the way we think about "Rap". 

Here are some tracks that showcase Xaphoon's eclectic sampling palette, as well as Chiddy's natural flow.

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