Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Tumbas Top Ten

Preseason top 10 from lacrosse blogger Peter Tumbas after the jump. Make sure to scroll all the way down to see what he wrote about the buffs!

10.  Duluth

 9.   Cal Poly

8.   BYU

7.   Virginia Tech

 6.   Chapman

5.   Michigan State

4.    Arizona State

3.    Colorado
"Never has a 6-7 team garnered so much attention before this season. Then Colorado went out and proved they belonged in the tournament with a first round win over Oregon and a close loss to Arizona State. Stability appears to have returned to Boulder in the form of Coach Ryder. James Blackburn will be a first team AA attackman. Bradley Macnee will be the best goalie in the conference and a likely HM AA nod. God knows what will happen if this team has a winning record heading into the tournament in 2011."

2.    Colorado State

1.    Michigan
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