Friday, October 1, 2010

The Laxies

Dear MCLA,

As we're sure you all know, the legendary laxie awards are going on right now. Although the awards are mostly made up of  NCAA players and teams, the MCLA makes a few appearances. Yours truly, The Colorado Buffaloes, are up for the upset of the year award. This is by no means an attempt to brag, this is an attempt to get the MCLA some much needed publicity. There are a few other awards featuring MCLA players and teams. Connor Martin, Coach Paul, and individual players from ASU, BYU, and Simon Fraser are all up for awards as well. Let's come together as a league. We need to vote for the CU-Michigan game, Connor, and all the other teams and players and put the spotlight on the MCLA. Click here to be re-directed to to vote for the CU-Michigan game as well as other MCLA athletes and teams.


Your RedHotBuffs

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