Wednesday, November 24, 2010

RED HOT ARTICLE: Happy Thanksgiving! brought to you by Nick Wramage

Everyone's welcome to enjoy some turkey with the Red Hot Buffs
Future blog star and blog cabin enthusiast Nick Wramage introduces himself to the blogosphere in this Turkey day treat. Click after the jump to check it out!
Hey everyone, it's Wramage. You don't hear from me much, so here's a little background: I'm from Brooklyn, New York USA. I'm a Junior and I currently live with Colin and Steve, both of whom you are all very familiar with. I also live with CU Lacrosse alumnus and former captain Josh Albrecht, current CU Lacrosse captain and defensive powerhouse Ryan Emerson, goalie Brad Macnee, and Brad's roommate from last year, Dave Epstein (someone you'll hear more about as the year goes on). Anyways, I transferred here at the beginning of last year from Division II C.W. Post, where I didn't play much, but was luckily given an awesome opportunity to be part of a great championship program. So, living with Stevie "Cool Kid" Keyez (the "z" is to emphasize his coolness) has been great, but he has also been on my case about blogging now that I'm living in the self-proclaimed "Blog Cabin," which at first seemed like a good euonym for where we live...But recently, it has been less of a "blog cabin"and more of a Steve valets at the Boulderado, Nick (me) does school work, and Colin studies abroad in Italy-cabin.
Shredding Eldora Mountain 20 minutes form Boulder just last weekend. Photo credit: Daily Camera

Anyways, I want to get to the good stuff. So, as soon as we thought Fall ball was over, we were back at it. So far, our dedicated and awesome coaches held individual player meetings to discuss player roles, the depth chart, expectations, and to eat some sandwiches [at least when I was there (there's a great sandwich scene in Boulder)]. We had a solid Fall Ball. A lot of new kids came out enthused about playing lacrosse and being out in beautiful Colorado with all it has to offer. After about a week or so off, we started to do some running and are starting to organize our weekly lifts so we can get stronger, faster and crazy-agile. Luckily the weather in Boulder has been incredibly nice (as usual), permitting us to do our on-field-work, all while Breck and the other resorts we all love have been getting snow, allowing us to do board and ski-tivities. As you can see we don't stop working or having fun out here. Unfortunately, lots of people misconstrue club lacrosse as a bunch of kids who aren't committed to having a difficult regimen of practices and other team related activities. However, those people are misinformed and mistaken. Coming from an NCAA team to an MCLA one, I have noticed that the zealous drive of kids to play lacrosse isn't league exclusive. When Steve and Colin started RedHotBuffs, I'm pretty sure their goal was to create not only an insight to our school's lacrosse program, but also to try and help our league's credibility. I hope we have achieved this goal over roughly the first year of this site and I hope we continue to 'spread the love," so to speak. Not only do we care a ton about playing at the highest level come spring, but I'm sure all the other teams in the MCLA are working to exceed expectations as well. Overall, Fall Ball went great, and apparently kids are still pumped to be working as shown by our hustle the past few weeks at conditioning. All of us are really excited for the season to start. Thanks for all the support during fall, and we'll keep working so this season we can all have a great time. Until then, enjoy ski-season, have a happy Thanksgiving, and keep us all in your hearts with this video: SWEET VIDEO HERE

P.S. Imagine when the narrator says, "Arizona," that what he is actually saying is "Colorado."
P.P.S. Ignore the part about game hunting and bad eyesight.


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  2. Wow Wramage, great article! You've really outdone yourself this time!

  3. Wramage, I agree with everyone...You really have outdone yourself..more so this time than other times. Happy Thanksgiving