Saturday, January 15, 2011

What We Think About Stuff: UNH Gloves

Before RHB hit the big-time, one of our first articles was a review of a local food joint in Boulder. In our early stages kids at practice weren't really sure what we were up to and we can remember vividly attackman Patty Sorensin even asking, "So...that's cool...what, you guys just food for the team?" Of course we wanted the buffs to eat well but that wasn't exactly our main goal. Now, looking back, we've come a long way from our reviewing roots and suddenly feel the urge to get back in the game.  In order to have our opinions known from time to time, we're starting up a brand new segment. Over the course of the season we hope to cover everything from big time topics in the MCLA to the little things that spark our interest. Click after the jump to read the first issue in which we tell you what we think about UNH's new gloves.

A few words from Steve:
Perfect. Absolutely perfect. Our blog brothers from the East are making us proud. The only thing I would like to see is some perforated leather like these from Zebra apparel. Live Free or Die.

Some words from Wramage:
Cool gloves New Hampshire, very license plate-esque. I want those on and around my hands.

And now from Colin:
Very nice New Hampshire. Once again you guys would fit right in out here in Boulder. Those mitts would go great with this tank I got last Summer:

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