Thursday, February 10, 2011

Getting To Know: Brad Macnee

Brad Macnee is an NJ All-State goalie who came to CU last year and started as a Freshman. Click after the jump to read an interview with Brad and the RHB staff.

RHB: Brad Macnee
BRAD: Yea that's me

RHB: Where You From?
BRAD: Born in Dallas, Texas.  I’ve moved around a lot and have been in Ridgewood, NJ for the last 10 years.

RHB: Highschool?
BRAD: Ridgewood High School (The Maroons)

RHB: Besides Colorado New Jersey is the most widely represented state on our team? What's up with that?
BRAD: I think it makes sense.  The East coast makes a lot of quality players and some decide to head for greener pastures out west.  I guess you could call us “laxing frontiersmen”. 

RHB: Solid answer. So why Goalie? Don't you get lonely in there?
BRAD: It started because I was good at it.  One fateful day back in fourth grade I must’ve had a good game because after that I found myself playing goalie more and more.  I don’t think I’ve played a minute out of net since sixth grade.  I kind of like the isolation, it allows me to stay centered and focused during the game.  I’m sure most players on the team have heard me talking to myself so I’m not totally alone back there.  Plus I have the goal posts, they’re pretty good guys when you get to know them.
RHB: Alright on to some quick questions. Favorite place to eat in Boulder?
BRAD: If money wasn’t an issue I’d be eating a lot of Hapa sushi but my go-to for a good sammy is Cheba Hut.

RHB: Top 5 Musicians?
BRAD: This is a very dynamic list but at the moment it would be (in no particular order):
1.    Rage Against the Machine
2.    Rusko
3.    Emarosa
4.    Massive Attack
5.    Minus the Bear

RHB: If you could wake up one place tomorrow morning where would it be?
BRAD: New Zealand.  It’s such a beautiful place and I’ve never been to that part of the world.  Boulder isn’t too shabby though.

RHB: If you could have one thing happen by the end of the day what would it be?
BRAD: Realistically? Figure out the issues I’m having with my computer science homework.
RHB: Best thing about Boulder?
BRAD: The people, especially cali girls

RHB: Worst thing?
BRAD: The people, especially cali brahs

RHB: Favorite thing about playing lax at CU?
BRAD: The fact that I get to go to Oregon and Boston this year to play lacrosse for my college.  Very cool stuff if you ask me.

RHB:Agreed. Thanks for your time Bradley.

BRAD: It's been a pleasure


  1. Nice, lets get some more of these rhb.

  2. That's great stuff Brad. We're all very proud of you. You're learning.

  3. jersey represent b radley

  4. this is vintage brad mcnee. Im really proud of the entire RHB organization for making this possible. i thoroughly enjoyed it