Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What We Think About Stuff: MCLA vs NCAA scrimmages

The MCLA-NCAA debate is one that continually gets the forums going. Coach Ryder recently posted part two of his ALL ACCESS coverage for Inside Lacrosse and even though all it did was recap last week's practices, an NCAA-MCLA debate sparked up. Click after the jump to see how it transpired and what we think about it.

-"Another MCLA club wanna be, become a NCAA Div I or II. Then that might impress."

-"The sad truth is that Colorado would beat your mid tier NCAA div II program handily."

-"Colorado isnt beating any NCAA team."

-"I wouldn't say they cant beat ANY NCAA teams, there are plenty of lower level D3 teams that they would beat, but definitely no upper echelon teams in either of the divisions. I would say you could put the Top 10 MCLA teams in the lower 20 of Division III"

So many blank statements that will never be backed up. Even when an MCLA team and an NCAA team meet up, it's just a scrimmage, and no matter what the outcome is, people will continue to reason the final outcome by that very answer, "it's just a scrimmage" and that answer will be justified. So now, in lieu of mainly third graders and our mom's commenting on the message boards these days, we give you a player's perspective on the NCAA-MCLA match up, starting with Steve.

A few words from Steve: Baby you're a firework. Boom, boom, boom, even brighter then the moon. Yeah, NCAA D3 was whack, the MCLA is where it's at. Remember that time we went to Vail with 22 inches of fresh on the ground then came back and beat Simon Fraser, that was a good day. 

The Colorado Katy Perrys

A few words from Wramage: Ya know, people come up to me sometimes and say, "Hey Wramage, you played D2 right?" So I'm all, "Yeah, I played in the NCAA once, it was cool...I guess."

More than a few words from Colin

Whenever I think about playing an NCAA team, the first thing that comes to mind is the scene from the Sandlot when the local little league team shows up in full uni's and shiny new gear to challenge Benny the Jet and his motley crew. I imagine our upcoming games with Air Force and Colorado College will be just like that scene....only with fewer "You play ball like a girl!" exchanges. Replace Smalls pleather glove with a pretty nice pair of all black STX Assaults, Benny the Jet with AJ Blackburn, and Squints' glasses with a few bad cases of helmet tilt. Even though our upcoming scrimmages are "just scrimmages" we definitely will take them seriously and get jacked up to play, not only because it will be our first chance to play against an opponent other than ourselves but also, yea, because they're NCAA. I think it's cool that NCAA teams, especially ones like DU and Air Force even agree to scrimmage us. The fact that they find it beneficial enough to me is something rare in the world of "club". How often does Duke ask their club team to scrimmage? How often does the UN refine their debate skills with the Harvard chapter of Model UN? Obviously these parallels are pretty rediculous but it goes to remind people that we are just a club, just like the ski club, the basketball club, and model UN. I like the fact that our club has put ourselves in the position for these scrimmages to happen. The outcomes won't mean anything, really, but, if we do win, I can't say there wouldn't be one too many packed lips on the county fair tilt-a-wheel that night. 


  1. Honorable and honest as always fellas. Lookin' forward to seeing you rip it again this year. Good luck RHBs!

  2. "The outcomes won't mean anything really, but, I will say, if we do win, I can't say there wouldn't be one too many packed lips on the county fair tilt-a-wheel that night." Hahaha-I love it! Good luck guys!