Wednesday, August 24, 2011


As you've probably noticed we're no longer on LAS. Check out why after the jump. Thanks again to Connor and Jeff.

With only 13 posts as part of the Lax Allstars network we’re sorry to say we’ll be leaving. Making it on LAS was definitely a goal of ours and one that we were super excited to have the opportunity to realize. The process of growing our blog to the level of getting noticed by LAS was so much fun and we’re leaving for just that reason. We’ll be handing over the blog to a couple guys on the team in the blog cabin and we want them to be able to have the same experience of growing the blog, making it their own, and taking it in whichever or whatever direction they like. We want it to be a reflection of them just as it was a reflection of us while we were manning the ship. Jeff and Connor are incredibly dedicated to growing their brand and we know they understand our want to give the new kids the same experience. We’ve had the chance to talk to Connor and Jeff throughout this entire process and we really look up to what their doing…going out on their own, making what they love a full time job, and most importantly, taking the risk to make it happen in the best way possible. Even though will be heading off the LAS site we still support the hell out of them and are super thankful for all the time and support they gave us.

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