Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Welcome All My Friends, to the Show that Never Ends

With the Senior class of 2011 moving on to bigger and better things, RedHotBuff's founders Steve Keyes, and Colin Rosenblum have left some mighty big shoes to fill.  Click after the jump to read more.

Nearly two years ago, Colin and Steve started this blog with a simple concept in mind: An Inside Look Into Colorado Lacrosse.  True to its roots, today RedHotBuff's offers readers comical excerpts from our travels and game experiences, as well as brief glimpses to our lives off the field. Colin and Steve, we would all like to say thanks for almost two years of entertaining updates on the in's and out's of Colorado Men's Lacrosse, and your countless contributions to the team itself.  To say the least, you will both be greatly missed.

Now don't worry, Colin and Steve would be hard pressed to just simply let RedHotBuff's wither away into nothingness.  With that being said, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce the new hosts of RedHotBuffs.  My name is Mitch Fenton, I'm from Brookfield, Connecticut, and I am a sophomore goalie here at CU Boulder. With me are Hayden McClain (Sophomore LSM), and Conor Byrnes (Sophomore Defender).  While the bulk of the updates will come from us here at the Blog Cabin, you will hear from others on the team periodically throughout the season.

When Colin and Steve passed us the RedHotBuff's torch, they said to take the site in whichever direction we please.  It means a lot that they trust us to steer their legacy however we see fit, but we have no intention of straying too far from the path they laid for us.  We will continue to bring you stories, pictures, videos, and insights from our season, and hopefully you will stick with us every step of the way.  So for now just sit back, relax, and prepare for an exciting year of Buff's Lacrosse.


  1. About time the new blog cabin dwellers posted something. Glad to see you are carrying on such a proud and noble tradition. Try not to screw it up

  2. Barbara and Eric RosenbumSeptember 16, 2011 at 1:32 PM

    Great first post! So happy to see Red Hot Buffs up and alive again! We look forward to the blogging season!

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