Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Doctor Will See You Now

 With the official start to spring season closing in, the team looks to be ready in every way for the beginning of a new year.  When it comes to stick prep, there seems to be none better than CU's own Jason Hamburg. Click after the jump to see some of his work.

Jason is a Sophomore here at CU and a rising star in the faceoff department. The Buff's will likely look to him this year to perform well at the midfield.

Jason told us he started playing lacrosse in third
grade, but really got into stringing a few years
 after, "I saw some pictures of guys stringing heads on, and figured it'd be cool to learn. There were a few tutorials on the site so I just used those and taught myself."

Rock-It Pocket, watchout. There's a new stringing mastermind in Colorado.

He produces some masterpieces to say the least..

   ...And grows one hell of a movember beard

Jason's worked with many different kinds of sticks.  "You figure out patterns kinda, what works well with each head.  I've strung just about every kind of head, so I've got a pretty good idea of what to do anytime I'm asked to string one".  Jason also told us that he recently dabbled in the traditional department for the first time.

RedHotBuff's founder Colin Rosenblum trusted the classic style..      when the weather permitted of course.


This is a recent beauty that Jason threw together.  He says he's not quite sure if someone's done this before, but he likes the look of it.
...And so do we

So a big tip of the hat to Jason from us here at RedHotBuff's, thanks for the surgeon-like work you're doing for the team.

For now, the buffs are preparing for a rigorous first two weeks of practice and the exciting season we have ahead of us.

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-Your RedHotBuff's