Friday, February 24, 2012

What We Think About Stuff: Snow Plows

Different people have different definitions of perfect lacrosse weather, and we here at Red Hot Buffs doubt that most of those include six inches of snow. But Coach Galvin thinks that’s perfect, albeit with some makeshift snowplows. Click after the jump for more.

The night before practice the forecast said snow, Coach said told us to watch for a text from the lax phone to see what’s up. With the prospect of a intra-squad scrimmage the next day, everybody was excited to come out and show their stuff in the first game-style lacrosse of the season. Waking up the next day, Boulder had turned into a winter wonderland with snow everywhere. I checked my phone and was not surprised to see a text waiting, though I wasn’t expecting, “Practice back 30 minutes- start time 1130 am.” Wow, Coach really got them to plow this early? I kinda doubt it, but knowing Coach Galvin, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was able to get someone to plow.

We show up, and the field is completely covered in snow. Really? Are we going to play in this? We won’t even be able to find the ball in the snow. As soon as everyone got there, Coaches Weisz and Galvin, and Seniors Marcus, and Danny were designated captains and picked teams. As players, we had no idea why we being divided up, but Coach had a little smirk whenever we asked, so it was obvious something was up.

Coach Galvin instructed us how to use the aluminum sideline benches as snowplows, flipping them over and propelling them across the field, using the backrest as the plow, with the legs up. The four teams were put to work, two on each side of the field pulling the benches, one team at a time. After the bench was pulled from the center to a sideline, it was walked back and moved up, only to repeast process all over again. The field was cleared quickly, and the scrimmage was on.

We had a pretty good scrimmage, moments of brilliance, as well as segments of film that were prime opportunities. The offense looked like it was developing and becoming more fluid, while the defense played solid, giving up few easy opportunities.

The audio on the tape apparently also entertained Coach Galvin, and most likely will at my expense for awhile. 


  1. Sounds like the galvin we all know... The first time we played byu under galvin there was over a foot of snow on the field so both teams ending up shoveling the fields for a few hours before the game. There is no such thing as a snow day!

  2. interesting method..we always went with the groups of people filling up trash cans and dumping them on the sideline