Wednesday, April 4, 2012

THOUGHTS ON THE MYSTERY OF COACH GALVIN part 2: a running discourse by freshman Griffin Bohm

Freshman Griffin Bohm brings us part two of his season-long pursuit towards uncovering Coach Galvin's true identity. Enjoy after the jump and once again beware of Griffin's lack of truth utilized on his pursuit of a bigger truth. 

Since we last met, Coach has caught onto my pursuit into his potentially dark past, and as a result he has begun clutching his secrets even tighter. As a result my interest has piqued while progress has nearly stopped.

However, in California while at the Bush residence for a lovely team function, an opportunity arose. Coach Galvin's very own mother and father were at the party. The only outsiders that may truly understand our fearless leader In the very same residence as me. However I was unable to discover any valuable information from them, primarily due to the fact that i did not communicate with them in any way. So while that opportunity to open the Chamber of Secrets was missed, another quickly arose. Coach Galvin agreed to divulging one secret in exchange for a hand delivered piece of chocolate cake. (I know what you're thinking: cake is all it takes? I guess we all have weaknesses)

However a valuable secret would not come easily from Coach, even for cake. But, thanks to my manipulative skill, i was able to weasel three, that's right three, good bits of knowledge out of our crafty leader. First he told me that he became a partner and worked on some new business practices for his shop, Breakaway Sports. He confirmed that this was all he did in the interim between his two coaching stints at CU. This was a giant let down for me, as I was sure that coach was hard at work gathering intel on Osama and only now, after his death was Coach allowed to return to the team.

But there's more. As was alluded to earlier, Coach claimed to have lived/travelled in many locations abroad. Well, Coach revealed that he has lived for a period of greater than 3 months in three different countries. But before our conversation was over, Coach gave me one more cliffhanger. In his most mysterious of tones, Coach told me that at some point in life he has either visited or lived in London. While this information may seem trivial, it all serves the purpose of piecing together the life of John Galvin. Why hide the nature of his time in London? What brought him to the land of the Queen? And why did he leave? For the time being however I will have to sit back, and patiently wait for the next opportunity to discover more about coach.

(In all seriousness, a giant thank you goes out to Coach G and the entire coaching staff. We appreciate everything you do for us, including nearly eating United Airlines representatives. You'll have to wait for Episode 4 of Club Ball to understand this one). 

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