Thursday, February 21, 2013

One Liners: Atlanta, GA

Danny "The Man" Schatz

   The start of another season means another Red Hot Buff series. One Liners will feature the short musings, thoughts, and personal opinions of Rowan, Griff, Mitch, Tyler, Aj, or just about anyone on the team who will sit down and give us their thoughts. This week, One Liners comes from sophomore defensmen Rowan Sloss, who, according to Matt White, isn't funny. Decide for yourself.


There is a 20% chance of snow during the game tomorrow.

The Denver nuggets are 1441-1518 all time in the regular season.

Alex Puldy is a phenomenal lip-syncer.

Sewall breakfast is better than Libby breakfast even though it’s the same food.

The UFC just cut Jon Fitch and Che Mills.

Harrison Ford wants to be in the new Star Wars. We’re pumped.

Zach Doss is a Tinder pioneer.

Griff now has pictures of himself up in the B-School.

He makes a difference.

Episode 2 of Club Ball came out last night. We think thats Pretty Sweet.

I’m writing this segment and still don’t know what it is going to be called.

We leave for Boise in 6 days.

Will the MCLA follow the NCAA and ban the blue jerseys on blue turf?

The new McLaren has 903 hp. And is a hybrid.

This man is now a collegiate lacrosse coach. For us.

Coach Taffet once lived in Atlanta. Connor Byrnes is from Atlanta. So is this kid.

We would go to his Bar Mitzvah.

Chaz sent me a snapchat of his flattop at 9:39 this morning.

With no message.

We travel to California in 20 days.

Danny Schatz is in fact, "The Man"

Check back in a few days to read about how our games went this weekend (Westminster and Utah State) and catch the next installment of One Liners.



  1. What the hell happened to red hot buffs....

  2. Matt's right, not funny

  3. Danny "The Hog" Shatz is the man