Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Jet Lag: Hey Jet How Are You Sooo Quick?

The second installment of JET LAG is here and you won't want to miss it, especially with the season right around the corner. Click below to check it out.

Okay, so a lot of people have asked me over the years, "Hey The Jet, I always seem to find myself lost in your Jetwash when you dodge, how do you do that?" Well first of all bro, don't say Jetwash, ok? Because that only reminds me of Goose dying in Top Gun (rest his soul), and I cry every time I see that part (and also during every Kenny Loggins song in the movie, especially "playing with the boys" during the volleyball scene, he's a true genius), so let's be a little more courteous next time and have respect for our heroes. And remember that he was not only an irreplaceable wingman but that he also had an incredible mustache. Those are two traits in a friend all men dream of having. A good wingman with a great mustache. Anyway, I got a little sidetracked there. So exactly how do I break ankles like a vending machine breaks ones? Well its simple. You don't necessarily have to be quick, you just need to think quick. When it comes to juking people out, its at least 94% mental. Its trickery, and its training your brain to convey the shakedown message to the rest of your body. Sure jumping rope will help, but who wants to be that weirdo in the basement of the rec center? Only Padzik because hes training for MMA, but thats different. So here's a quick fix that will make anybody, even goalie Will Brown, shake-n-bake like they're floatin' on air. And it all comes down to pre-practice media.
First, there are two games you need to obtain on your phone or other device. They will help with lateral quickness. Trust me. The first is Pac-Man. Just try and beat that game on hard and tell me you aren't 167 times quicker than you were before you spent 167 hours trying to beat it on hard. The other game is Frogger. Now this is definitely helpful. You can opt to play it on your phone, or in real life. Real life on US-36 is my personal choice, because you can access both lanes of traffic simply. Just get three objects to the other side and you're done. You can even do this with your lacrosse stick, starting with three balls on the near side. Pick up a ball, run through traffic, and go back for another. Remember you can go back and forward, while going side to side. Time Yourself! This should be challenging, you need to keep time to push yourself. If you don't feel like the real-life version, just play it on your phone before practice.
Second, watch Barry Sanders videos. Just hop on YouTube and check out a few Barry Sanders highlight videos. Juking was second nature to this man, and he does it so naturally, like a reflex. Slow down and rewind the parts you need to analyze a little more, to see how his head, shoulders, and hips are used to deceive people.
Finally, with a better application to Lacrosse, watch the "Art of Scoring Goals" video I've posted below. This will store different moves in your head with a better lacrosse application. Not to mention it is all-around gnar.
I try to play Pac-Man and Frogger, and watch the two videos I mentioned, before every practice and game. And, obviously it works. We all know that. Until next time folks. Think quick to be quick. Same theory as look good to play good.

Barry Sanders

Art of Scoring Goals

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