Wednesday, March 24, 2010

From the 4's: The College Years

With another tough loss comes another edition of From the 4's, a segment where the fourth line middies, Steve Keyes, Nick Wramage, and Thomas Appel give you their most profound ponderings. This is a segment we promised weekly from now on out, so here it goes.

Spring break is here.

Roses are red.

Buffaloes are big.

California and Austria both end with an "A".

Steve may or may not be in one of the two.

St. Patrick's day. More like St. Padzik's day.

Thomas wore white size 12 cleats today. He usually wears black size 11.

Our pictures from now on out will have something to do with the number "4".

Being a four would be good, if there were ten lines.

Six people used the porta-potty next to the field during the second quarter.

High School Musical 4 doesn't actually exist.

AJ shaved his mustache, Puldy should probably do the same.

It took approximately three bites to get to the caramelized onions in Mrs. Taffet's post game mini burgers.

"Just do it, you're a four."

and lastly, a California From the 4's update:

Will Brown has eaten 7 Chic-fil-a chicken sandwiches in 72 hours.

Signed, The Fours


  1. I can confirm that Austria now contains 1 more Buffalo than it did a week ago. Good luck in Cali.

  2. Sam "air" TallmanMarch 29, 2010 at 11:25 AM

    Thomas's New Nickname is Thomas Gregory Toffel.