Thursday, March 18, 2010

SNOWED IN: The Last of Missoura'

It's snowing in Boulder today and that means its bloggin' time. We now give you our fourth post about the Missouri trip, a trip in which more time was spent in weird rest stops off I-70 in Kansas than actually playing lacrosse in Missouri. I think it's safe to say Red Hot Buffs is in a bit of lull.  But, we've got some huge games coming up, and hopefully with that, tons of bloggable content. Utah, Chapman, CSU, and Michigan are all coming up in the next two weeks. It's time to prove ourselves and to start doing what we know we can do. Watch this video from the Missouri trip and check out how much we are smiling, how much fun we are having, and how much we appreciate what we have been given. In addition to that, if you look carefully, you may even catch a glimpse of "CU Jersey Kid Dance-A-thon" winner, CJ Dinardi, doing what he does best. And, after this post, no more Missouri talk.

Lacrosse - Missouri Road Trip from Steven Keyes on Vimeo.
Video courtesy of Steven Keyes.

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  1. Thanks for the awesome video, Steven. Love the fun photos and hilarious captions! The blog has been a great way to stay connected with the team for us New Yawkers!

    We're cheering you guys on from the East Coast. GO BUFFS!!!

    Mom Litwak