Tuesday, March 16, 2010

JET LAG: Defrost, It's Springtime You Beautiful Buffaloes

The Jet is back! Click below to check it out. 

I’m here to bring you some great news, Spring has sprung my friends! Well sort of…This past weekend was the first time it has been over 60 degrees in Denver since November. Fact. Ask Mike Nelson the local weatherman on 7news. In between that time there was a lot of lacrosse in dumpy sweats, latex gloves, and occasionally tape over the ear holes. It’s that time of year when sadly nobody cares what they look like, including the girls on campus (which is too bad, they don’t bloom until April). Sweats all around. All laxers know the cycle that can come about in bad weather: Sleep in sweats, go to lift in sweats, nap in sweats, go to school in sweats, come home, and repeat. I can’t imagine that process without sunshine, and rain instead of snow (sorry NW laxers). The sun may shine year round in the Mile High State during the day, but when your school only provides you an indoor facility for practice two nights out of the week because the football team is terrible, fresh pow or not, it can take a toll on your laxability. Now I know you left coaster sun broasters enjoy fairly decent conditions while we have to put up with the harsh climate (and gnar shredding that comes with it), but for us, the first practice in fairly warm daylight is a big deal. I don’t care what Arizona says (no time changes, along with Hawaii) Spring Forward is huge. When it’s light and warm, lax just feels better. Smooth and free, without cold hands, chattering teeth, and shattering sticks. And before you know it, April begins and it’s a comfortable 60-70 with sun nearly everyday. So there’s a few things that need to happen you beautiful spring laxers. Take advice from the legend Kenny Loggins and get loose, foot loose, and kick off those Uggs (I know we all have a pair by now). Break out the boat shoes, the Nike Highs, the Crocs & Socks, the Birks, the Rainbow flippy floppies, and especially the Chacos if you want that nice Zig Zag tan that gets chicks all frisky when you whip out your barefeet (Usually happens anyway). Pull out the lax pennies from 8th grade, the neon backwards hat with the leather strap, and above all, definitely slap that lanyard on your keys, Lord knows you are going to need it. The lacrosse only gets better from here folks. Suns out guns out Padzik, its Spring Break.

P.S. Sorry about the absence, I broke my collar bone in a horse accident. But really you thought a horse could take down the Jet? Jets weigh over 40,000 pounds and they move faster than corn through a goose. No match.


  1. Thank god. I thought I may never see another Jet Lag again.

  2. Who is this Tyler Padzik everyone speaks of?