Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Missouri: Art & Architecture

We gave you a little tease of Missouri's art scene in the previous post. Here is the rest of what we were able to see during our short trip. Enjoy.

Here is some of what The Doubletree had to offer.

This was in every room, very arsty Doubletree.

A nice reminder of home.

The Doubletree might as well just replace this with a picture of the team. We took over floor 9.

At the Albrecht's home we found this little gem. Josh is the far right.

We tripped down to St. Louis, this was the court house.

Not too sure about this one, feel free to comment below.

The city has cool street signs. If you don't know who Dred Scott is, you should, check him out here. future headquarters.

Here is the Cardinals stadium. This was great, it was right in the heart of downtown and you could walk right up to it

Here is their mascot, kind of creepy.

They have Buffaloes in St. Loius? Who would have thought.

Buffaloes in Kansas too.

We found Tom & Becky.

And finally, The St. Louis Arch. The gateway to the West.

Gotcha. Here is the real arch.

Here at we love to get artsy.

So...artsy we got.

Team picture time.

RedHotBuffs picture time. Photo idea courtesy of Max Leonard.

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