Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Jet Lag: If You Were Truly Legit, You'd Still Have A Tech Deck In Your Pocket

Knowledge straight from the Jet. Need we say more?

To say fingerboarding (rocking a Tech Deck) is not a sport would be simply wrong and unfair to the athletes that compete in it daily, mastering their two fingered style. One can get just as stoked slayin a homemade cardboard half pipe in their bedroom as any Steven Cheese-lookin’ bro at dog town. It’s just that they don’t have the desire to scrape up their knees or possibly suffer a head injury. That doesn’t mean they don’t sweat and work just as hard as Kareem Campbell when they lay down a darkslide around the kitchen sink. They require just as much skill and concentration as Chad Muska when they throw an impossible from the printer to the desk. A shove-it is still a shove-it no matter what appendage you use to throw it. And your board can still say birdhouse on the bottom, even if it is plastic. We all know it’s only the brand that counts anyway. The biggest misconception of finger boarding besides the fact that it takes skill, is that it is a dying trend. You would be rude and overwhelmingly wrong if you thought it isn’t still cool. Its not only cool, but participation is growing, and for your FYI peeps are making big skrilla layin pipe on the fingerboard at a professional level. There are fingerboard stores in Europe devoted entirely to this sport’s equipment. There are world championships, sponsorships, and mad props dished out world wide for the finger masters. Before I get more upset for your lack of appreciation for these athletes, lets go over a few basics so you understand the sport a little more, although I can’t imagine what you were doing in middle school while everyone else was Tech-Deckin down the halls. First of all, to use a fingerboard, one’s middle finger is placed on the “tail” and the index rides in the middle. Just like a train enthusiast who sets up entire villages and railways around his house, like Mr. Rogers, one can design their own skatepark in the security of their very own home. Scale models can be constructed, features created, and next thing you know, you are rockin an exact replica of Roswell in your living room. All you need is a little imagination, and two of your 10 fingers. Just to put the doubters at bay, I have added a few videos to show you just what it takes to be the illest of the ills at fingerboarding. So next time you catch yourself skatin at the local park (Tapple), just remember, you can do tricks that are a lot cooler, a lot less risky, and way more respected, with only your fingers. Posers.

This First Vid is My Boy Julien laying down some technical grinds. Hes an incredible athlete.

This second one is a great example of the innovation that can take place in this sport, anything can be fingerboarded, and fingerboarded well. Note the Huge One Stair 50 seconds in.


  1. These are the same people that are really good at razor scootering