Tuesday, May 4, 2010


The picture to the left is midfielder Tyler Snyder's stick closet as well as the main feature in this edition of BUFFALO GEAR TALK by Colin Rosenblum. Enjoy!

BUFFALO GEAR TALK is a segment that debuted for the first time on February 3rd, only to return today for a second showing almost 4 months later. We apologize for the break, but then again, it was hard to talk about gear when we were 3-6. It even says in the first edition, "It's that time of year again, time to get outfitted in all that sweet lax gear and time to work hard so by the time the season comes around, you can actually play as good as you look". Well, we got all that sweet lax gear, just forgot about the playing good part...at least until a few weeks ago. So now that everything is cleared up and we're heading to the tournament, this segment is making it's triumphant return.  Over the past four months you haven't missed much. We got two helmets, one white, one black, a pair of gloves, and probably best of all, a trip to the cleat closet. A place where brand new Nike football cleats go to die as remnants of a Big 12 program that can't seem to get the job done, only to be revived come springtime by the CU lacrosse team. This is just my arsenal:
But this segment isn't about cleats, its about sticks, specifically those strung and dyed by Senior Midfielder Tyler Snyder. If you are in any way shape or form connected to the lacrosse program at CU, or to even the lacrosse world in Colorado, then you know exactly who Tyler is and, most likely, owe him a burrito or two from Chipotle because he strung a couple if not all of your sticks. His stick dying capabilities were recently noticed in an article on LacrosseAllstars.com so we figured we should shed some light on all of his creations. You can find the article by clicking HERE as well as check out the rest of Sny's dyes in the pictures below. I'm not much of a dyed stick kind of guy, but these really are pretty good. 

Colorado Flag

Red Hot Buffs

Denver Outlaws

Texas Longhorns


  1. Holy shit where does this guy get the cash for all of those heads, must be over a G's worth of plastic in there

  2. A Worried FriendMay 5, 2010 at 1:43 PM

    Next week on A&E's Hoarder's, the sad tale of Tyler Snyder, a university of Colorado lacrosse player and his disgustingly large collection of lacrosse equipment.

  3. sweet dye jobs indeed! very impressive and puts my layman level skills to shame. Props to Tyler!

  4. worried friend, shut up bra

  5. worried friend, ur a tool. sny's dyes checkers are fresh