Monday, May 3, 2010

From the 4's: Welcome Once Again To The Life of A Four

Check out this weeks "From the 4's", a segment where the fourth line middies, Steve Keyes, Nick Wramage, and Thomas Appel give you their most profound ponderings. Once again, others chimed in while Thomas Appel refrained. Check it out after the jump.

Okay so to start the "From the Fours" this week, Wramage was at a party on Friday and Stuart, a girls laxer, said to him, "Hey this really cute freshman is a match with you" to which he replied, "Oh sweet, she likes me?" which she replied, ", she just has the same jersey number as you"

Wramage, welcome once again to the life of a four....

The pool at the Crystal Inn in Salt Lake closes at 11 pm.

Jai Aberton is a pyscho charging pioneer.

Kyle Korver, Utah Jazz player, sat next to us at Squatter's Brew Pub in Salt Lake.

Then Padzik yelled "Nuggets."

Then Kyle Korver left.

We're gonna go to the pool.

       -It closed ten minutes ago.

           -I know

Just do it. You're a four.

The Bra Boy handshake is in fact the strongest handshake known to man.

A hoodlum in Salt Lake threw a rock at our bus and it broke the window.

Doug wears Uggs, Dougs Uggs.

Nascar is as boring as it seems.

We left Billy in Boulder.

One time we drove to Wyoming and played 17 minutes of lacrosse.

Steven's parents went to Kent State University, Neil Young wrote a song about the time they spent there.

Studying for finals on a moving bus is the worst.

That's a true story.

'Gamer' is not a good movie.

Two of the three fours are now threes.

You're a bit confused aren't you?

Park City beats Provo any day of the week.

Katy Perry is a musical pioneer.

We just found out why we were compared to her. We are hot and then cold, yes and then no:

When do we go to Brighton?

It's dumping at Alta.

Snowbird got 86" while we were in SLC.

I think we'll do a segment on look-a-likes.

Here's a preview: Attackman Max Leonard and Fox Business Analyst Suze Orman

Hap Knowles is number 11.

All of our parents are the best, Thank you.

Signed,  The Fours