Sunday, January 2, 2011

RHB In the News: Top 50 Gear Items of 2010

Recently 412 ran down the top 50 gear items from 2010. Luckily the RedHotBuffs managed to capture two spots and hopefully our 2011 set up can turn heads as well. Click after the jump to check out what LacrosseAllStars and 412 had to say about our kits.

"48. Colorado tall tees
Of course Boulder kids would introduce the lacrosse world to tall tees. Might as well be the first to wear them in pregame operations as well. What are the chances a CU athlete has a meltdown over these shirts being ranked 48th? Hang in there, there’s more Buffs gear on the way."

Alex Puldy and Sam Tallman

"12.  Colorado blacks
Pro Look uniforms is trying to take over the MCLA. BYU and Colorado in 2010. Add Grove City in 2011. Decent stable. Yinz have to start somewheres. The most inventive of the bunch had to have been the Colorado editions. Buff embroidered on the neck. CU logo in a new and interesting location on the back. Is it really a tramp stamp if it’s off centered? If they were going to bail on their perfect Nike  uniforms from 2009, you might as well bail in a great direction. And all blacks are just mean."

Colorado uniforms
Darren Hulick

Check out the rest of 412's rundown at

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