Monday, February 28, 2011

BUFFALO GEAR TALK: Black Helmets, White Chinstraps?

The debate between black and white chinstraps...on black helmets. Click after the jump to read more.

In about a week we begin our 2011 season at home against Kansas. It's weird to think we haven't even started yet considering other RMLC teams like BYU are already 5-0. We can't tell if other teams are starting early or if we're starting late, either way, it's good to have the extra time on the field. Off the field, gear talk is still raging. The question at hand today deals with our trusty black helmets. Do we go with white chinstraps on a black helmet? Duke did it last season and it does kind of go with our whole retro look going on.

On the other hand, this helmet below does look pretty mean.

Here's our two options below:
Retro White
All black

Notice the new decals by the way, also a little bit retro and an ode to the Hopkins helmets of a couple years back. As for the white or black chinstrap, we're still undecided. If Indiana's colors called for a black helmet, what would 412 Lax do?


  1. Both are slutty, and slutty is good.

  2. at first i was all about the black on black (juice had a white one on for the unc scrimmage and i thought it was kinda dumpy)but its grown on me. it all comes down to what our jerseys are gunna look like. if there kinda throw backs then the white is the way to go but i think there fairly modern looking so we should rep the murdered look.

  3. white is oaky but the black makes the gold of the facemask really pop.

  4. Not even a question on this one......Black just disappears against the helmet and allows the Buffs graphic or number to be the focus. Why would you accentuate chin straps???? Look sharp, go all Black!!! Retro looks are for programs with a history, Let's make history this year!!!
    GO BUFFS!!!!

  5. Take a page out of Princeton's playbook and check out their "blacked-out" look!

  6. white always looks sicker

  7. i have both preferences here. the black on black looks slick and solid but then the white gives a fresh lax bro look.