Friday, February 25, 2011

Getting to Know: Nick Wramage

Nick Wramage is a Junior transfer from Brooklyn, New York who came to the Buffs last year as a Sophomore. He currently lives in the self-proclaimed "Blog Cabin". Click after the jump to read the interview.

RHB: So…you’re a Canuck eh?
Nick: No I’m from New York.

RHB: I see, so does that make you a Knicks fan?
Nick: Geographically I guess it does.

RHB: Nice, tell me the story about your Raymond Felton shirt?
Nick: He’s the point guard for the Knicks, I asked for a shirt for Christmas, it wasn’t in stock so I ordered it online. They sent me the wrong player shirt so I sent it back to exchange it. They then promptly sent me the same exact wrong shirt again, and I almost kept it but held out, returning the second wrong shirt and got my Raymond Felton shirt a few weeks ago. He just got traded this week.

RHB: Well sorry to hear that, could you speak a little on your relationship with your roommates?
Nick: The roommates are great, everyone of you guys brings some necessary and interesting dynamic to the house and I’m really having a good time here. Why’s there a large footed bird living in Dave’s room? Where’s Dave? (Dave lived in Colin's room while he was in Italy).

RHB: Interesting, now lets get to the important stuff. What is your major?
Nick: English Literature with a Philosophy minor.

RHB: How studious of you. So what's your favorite book?
Nick: Dave Eggers’ A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius.

RHB: Solid choice. Can we see your C.W. Post championship ring sometime?
Nick: Yeah if you want.

RHB: Top 5 musicians?
Nick: That is tough… So, in alphabetical order: Bob Marley, Gang Starr, Slightly Stoopid, Sound Providers, and A Tribe Called Quest I guess.

RHB: If you could have one thing happen by the end of the day what would it be? World Peace? Ending world hunger?
Nick: Talk to Animals.

RHB: If you could be any animal what would it be?
Nick: A dark mantled sooty albatross, most of their life is enshrined in mystery due to their habit of making nests on nearly impossible to reach cliffs bordering the ocean, or maybe a chimpanzee.

RHB: Wow.

RHB: What is your favorite thing about playing lacrosse at CU?
Nick: The kids on the team are real cool, and the opportunity to travel and see different schools is exciting.

RHB: Thanks for your time Nick.

Nick as a pioneer
Nick as a Buff


  1. life is short...don't mess it up.

  2. hey nick, you look marvelous. wazzup? from the mac's in ridgewood. GO BUFFS! Keep on Smiling and WE LOVE NYC, NY!!!