Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Getting To Know: Ryan Emerson

 Ryan Emerson is a captain as a Junior who hails from Park City, Utah. Click after the jump to check out the interview.

RHB: High school?
Ryan: Park City High School

RHB: Major?
Ryan: Finance

RHB: And your position?
Ryan: D mid

RHB: Alright, on to the good stuff. So, Ryan, your from Utah right?
Ryan: Yes...I'm from Utah.

RHB: Did you know we’re heading there this weekend?
Ryan: Yeah dinner at my house Thursday night. Hope Ben and Daren don't tear up my parents magazines again.

Ryan(30) and his brother Mike(17) in '09
RHB: Yeah that was unfortunate. Pretty excited to eat some pasta and watch the new J-shore at your house. So what’s your favorite Utah sports team?
Ryan: Well I support teams based on success so the Real Salt Lake is my favorite team.  If you haven't heard of them it's because they're a soccer team and they won the championship a couple years ago.

RHB: Interesting. Your brother Mike was a captain when you were a freshman. How was it being on the same team as your bro?
Ryan: Good question. It was great. I played with him in highschool and we made it to the semi finals  so I was hoping we would make it further than that, but we didn't. He is most of the reason why I came here so I'm glad it worked out.

RHB:Your nickname on the team is “The Vaccuum”. Tell us about that?
Ryan: It’s not my nickname

RHB: Well, it is after this interview. With “The Greatest Snow On Earth” over in Utah, Why Colorado?
The Vacuum: Came here to get out of the snow. Yeah we still get a few storms, but in highschool I wouldn't have home games until April. Luckily we have a long Christmas break so I can get my skiing in then.

RHB: Best thing about playing lacrosse for CU?
The Vacuum: Most of my friends are on the team.

RHB: Best thing about Boulder?
The Vacuum: 300ish days of sunshine.

RHB: And the worst thing?
The Vacuum: Nice weather makes it hard to study...oh and the hippies.

RHB: If you could wake up anywhere tomorrow where would it be?
The Vacuum: I heard Italy is pretty cool. Wouldn't mind waking up there maybe on the Mediterranean.

RHB: If you could have anything happen by the end of the day what would it be?
The Vacuum: My red hot buffs pocket T would get here.

RHB: Don't we all. Thanks for your time Ryan.

The Vacuum: Thanks.
Ryan's Utah crew in Provo last year


  1. Awesome... dinner at the Emmersons, weve been doing that since 2006! Lets get 2 wins this weekend Buffs!

  2. RYAN I LOVEEEE YOU!!!!!! your bff JEN

  3. Mouth Pieces EveryoneMarch 10, 2011 at 9:55 AM

    RYAN I LOVEEE YOU MORE!!!! your BFFFFF Dave Leach