Monday, March 7, 2011

Throw Another Blog On The Fire: CU 17 KU 3

Last year we had From The 4's, this year we've got Throw Another Blog On The Fire, a segment where the fourth line middies give us their most profound ponderings from the game at hand. Enjoy.

Attackman Tyler Dougherty had 4 goals and 2 assists today during his first start as a Red Hot Buff

This is his profile picture:

Team thuggies?

It takes over 8 hours to drive 500 miles to Provo, Utah.

It takes light emitted from the sun 8 minutes to travel 93 million miles to reach Earth.

We know this because CU has a great aerospace engineering program.

Colin's friend Tucker came to the game straight from the airport, ski bag and all.

Mrs. Taffet's cake, before being devoured, was not only the color red, but also adorned with "RED HOT"

We looked like this today, minus the whole freak athlete thing.

We will soon be looking just as retro as this, port-hole mesh and all.

Josh Coffman was Steve's favorite player growing up.

Wonder what he does now.

Steve also strung up a traditional after the game, he's pretty excited about it.

Has anyone seen the show Skins?

So have we, unbelievable.

Did we mention we got custom adrenaline socks.

Salisbury has custom adrenaline socks too, and no one else.

It's dumping in the Mountains, Pow day Tuesday?

Should we bring our skis with us to Utah this weekend?

Speaking of snow and snow activities, Steve's friend is making a snowboard video, here is the teaser.

Working For The City. (teaser) from Jon Stark on Vimeo.

Last year the most popular song on our warm-up mix was Billie Jean by MJ

This year, the coaches surprised us with the song of 2011:

Statistically, it is highly likely if your parents didn't have kids you won't either. We love our parents and all the great food they brought us on Sunday.


  1. BYU had custom adrenaline socks last year.

  2. This years socks are made by elevation. They had Adrenalines last year. Good luck this week in Utah!

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  4. what's you're warm up CD consist of? If you can't reveal that what about last years?

  5. mostly justin bieber tracks.

  6. 1.CU socks are so much steezier than BYU's.
    2.Tyler Dougherty is a boss B team to A team stud.
    3.Redhotbuffs is way tooo hood.
    4.Sergeant Blackburn is definately the front runner for best mustache of march.