Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Throw Another Blog On The Fire: 1-1 in Utah

More ponderings from the "4's." By "4's" we mean Colin, Steve, Ben, and whoever else is sitting next to us on the bus ride home. This issue features: Ripped nets, the Pacific NW, sweatshirts, and smoothies. Profound, indeed.

Jack ripped the net during the Utah game.

Here is the proof. It happens at the :50 second mark

Sean then filmed it being fixed.

Jamba Juice gives away three things for free.



and Colorado Mammoth tickets.

Wyoming has a fantastic truck stop.

Steve bought a team dream catcher.

New video to come soon.

It will feature the halftime net repair mentioned above.

Will it be better than the video from the Missouri trip?

We're leaving for the Pacific NW in three days, absolutely cannot wait.

We're only wearing black and grey clothing while we're there, to fit in.

We might do another round of clothing orders to benefit Denver City Lax.

Would anyone buy this?

Utah wins the award for best sweatshirt in the MCLA.

There was a double rainbow before the BYU game.

Does that explain the loss? We're looking into it.

It would be really great if Wramage started to use the kitchen that is in his bedroom.

Wouldn't mind waking up to the smell of bacon every morning.

That's for sure.


"The Fours"


  1. i would defiantly buy that shirt. should make it in the nike dry fit too

  2. i would def buy that

  3. Check out my sweet phoenix tatMarch 15, 2011 at 10:47 PM

    This segment needs more cowbell
    Dave Leach

  4. I'm in too! Like the themed shirts!

  5. i cut a pineapple in there the other day, it smelled great. also, i make tea in my room every morning.

  6. share the wealth bring some of that tea next door

  7. The shirt looks cool. Make sure you understand the history of the buffalo soldiers. They were formed as a segregated army cavalry unit after the civil war to fight the Indian wars. Plus your not soldiers, your lacrosse players. Be aware of where you are. Just my opinion, 12sDad

  8. Missouri. Best/Worst/Best again buss trip ever.