Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What We Think About Stuff: The Color Flat Black

Well, well, well, it seems as if there's a new trend in the Lacrosse gear world. Flat colors have been used for a long time, especially on cars (see Audi at left). Now, thanks to Warrior and Coach Dave Livingston, flat colors have made their way into the Lacrosse world. Last year it was Duke. This year Duke continues their radical ways with input from Army, Princeton, Loyola, LeMoyne, and possibly many more. We can't help but think, did our flat black stickers start this trend?

Quite a few words from Steve: Our stickers probably definitely did not start this trend. However I still love flat black. All of the RHB stickers are flat black for this reason. Yeah, we're club, but we also have an all black kit that would look pretty perfect with some flat black. Cascade? Coach Livingston? I had a bike that was flat black, Marty would often call it "murdered" out. When we wear our all black kit maybe we'll have some flat black stickers on our glossy black helmets. Oh my!

A few words from Colin: Ehh I'm not too keen on this matte black trend. It was great with the Duke helmets last year but matte colors or not I find it pretty hard to make the new warrior helmet look good.

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