Saturday, April 9, 2011

Throw Another Blog On The Fire: 1-1 Against the Arizona Teams

A little late but still here. Our most profound ponderings from the last couple games. This one goes out to Ted. Check it out after the jump.

Who's Ted you say? Wait till the end.

Did you know Brazil was named after the nut, not the other way around?

Did you know Ken Clausen was at our game?

15 to 5 type of hungry

Does Warrior make skate shoes now? Have they for a while?

The Amazon produces 20% of the worlds oxygen.

Half of the United States coastline is Alaska.

You think waters fast? You should see ice. It moves like it has a mind. Like it knows it killed the world once and got a taste for murder. 
                                                       -Samuel L. Jackson

There was no Red Hot Buffs mustache contest this year.

Kind of a shame.

Attackman Alex Puldy submitted these shots without us even having to ask.

He therefore is the 2011 Mustache Champion. Congrats Poodles.

Midfielder Fred Reisen and his band H1N1 are playing the Lazy dog tomorrow night in Boulder for Yuri's night.

Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin was the first human in outer space when his Vostok aircraft orbited the earth in 1961.

Here's some footage we captured of Fred honoring Yuri last year.

Midfielder Ryan Haines got dropped off to practice in a cop car last week after getting pulled over for speeding...and then having his car break down.

Surface Skis are demo-ing up at Alta tomorrow.

Sounds like fun.

The Gray Collection by Red Hot Buffs

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Might be tough to beat the submission from Hofstra midfielder Cullen Cassidy

And now, ladies and gentleman, Ted.

If you go to our guestbook you'll see this submission:
Ted said... 
So I go to Lawrence University a small liberal arts college in Appleton, Wisconsin and I read the blog almost everyday. I just started a club team at my school which has been pretty sweet but I want to transfer to CU for my junior year and hopefully play with you guys at somepoint. I like the blogs on the fire haha there simple and funny and it keeps me alive in Art History lectures. Would love if you bros could get more merchandise, I woulda liked to have gotten myself a tall tee. Your guys' jersey was in IL March Edition for good looking jerseys-definitley agree the black is where it's at. Keep the blogs coming, love the site, wish I could be in Boulder and not in crappy Wisco.
Send us your address Ted and we'll send you a Tall Tee. 


                                                      Red Hot Buffs

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