Friday, April 15, 2011

What We Think About Stuff: Being On The LAS Network

Notice something different? We sure have. The Red Hot Buffs are now part of the LAS family and have a lot to say about it.

A few words from Colin:
Being on the LAS network is something I wanted to do right when I began reading Lacrosse All-Stars. They were the first guys to start reading our blog and to give us some publicity and it’ll be great to be onboard. With Steve and I graduating and new players taking over, the future of Red Hot Buffs is somewhat uncertain. I would love if in 30 years I can still check Red Hot Buffs to see what’s going on in Boulder and transitioning to LAS is a step in the right direction towards making that happen. Connor and Jeff are obviously very committed to growing LAS and lacrosse in general and it will be great to have been part of something bigger early on.  Even better, all of our content as well as comments are still here so we won’t skip a beat.
A few words from Steve:
This is great. I never used to be interested in blogs or internet talk, I don’t even have a facebook (fact). However, when Colin and I started Red Hot Buffs he would often show me cool articles that sometimes gave us a mention. Most of those articles came from various authors on “The Network” or LAS for short. Since then I’ve looked at LAS and it’s various sites everyday. Sweet sweet lax is my favorite but, four one two makes me laugh, sigh, and shake my head in confusion. When Connor and Jeff contacted us asking to join the network the answer was an obvious yes. They consistenetly try to grow the game (gtg…stickers) especially at the MCLA level, and I could not be happier. The increased press that the MCLA is getting becuase of sites like LAS is showing that there is a much better option for kids that want to play College Lacrosse. Anyways, I hope everyone enjoys our blog and the transition we’ve made, and I would like to thank “The Network” for all their help along the way.
To end off we’ll leave you with some of our title pages from the past year and a half. Enjoy.

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