Wednesday, April 20, 2011


After a tough 9-8 loss to CSU all we want to do is throw another blog on the fire to cheer us up. So, without further ado, our most profound ponderings from the weekend…as well as a commentary on the interesting happenings on campus today.

Steve’s friend Ken called before the game to get him jazzed up.
He then told Steve how he was getting married in 76 days.
He went on to say how stoked he was that his fiance is still with him, even after she got lasik.
Get it? HaHa
Thanks to Mr. Gelman for our new shirts

This guy’s name is Moose (true)
He’s not affiliated with the team in any way (also true)
What’s the deal with Epsom Salts?
What’s Susan Sarandon up to these days?
We never know what she’s doing.
We really like the color baby blue.
Here’s what the Colorado Daily has to say about CU and baby blue:
“For Buffs fans, powder blue is the color of defeat.
It’s the color of losing streaks, of (arguably) poor coaching, of lackluster fans.
It’s the color that the University of Colorado Buffaloes football team wore from 1981 to 1984, when they won a total of 10 games out of 44.
Ten games in four years.”
Eh…still glad we did it

We got new helmet stickers.
These ones might have the words “Red” and “Hot” on them.
CU Lacrosse @ A-basin for a post season beach day.
You’re going to want to stick around for that one.
Tall tees, skis, burgers & brats, snow, sun, sun-tans, friendship, teammates.
And yes, there is a “beach” at A-Basin.
Red Hot Buffs have been filming all year
We’ll be holding the 1st annual RHB film festival at the Blog Cabin post season
As for the 420 festivities on campus today we don’t condone it…but its definitely blog on the fire worthy
Interesting Excerpts From An Advisory Sent Out To All CU Students
TO:      CU-Boulder students
FROM:    Julie Wong, Vice chancellor for Student Affairs
Frank Bruno, Vice chancellor for Administration
SENDER:  Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
DATE:    April 19, 2011
SUBJECT: Advisory on the 420 gathering on the CU-Boulder campus
What you need to know about the 420 gathering at CU Boulder:
– It is expensive to manage at a time when the University’s funding is being cut back.
– It not an effective act of civil disobedience and has largely become a party.
 Police will focus on public safety, crowd and traffic flow
-- People climbing trees or other university structures will face fines,
citations and arrest.
 People with breathing conditions and adverse reactions
to smoke should avoid the Norlin Quad area entirely on Wednesday afternoon if
Colin saw it happen on the way down to the library
Leaving for Boston tomorrow morning.
Your Red Hot Buffs


  1. Guest: Haha I saw that car getting taken away on a tow truck, and I assumed that was what happened.

  2. D Gelman: "Moose" is definitely a fan of Colorado Lacrosse and no one is going to tell him otherwise!

  3. Kendo: My fiance's name is January - she is super hot...and also smart too. Couldn't be prouder of my Buffs. Steve - please shoot more.


    Team Captain 2000