Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Before we get to a season recap post there’s a little business left to take care of. We managed to raise some good money for Denver City Lax from our merch sales but would like to do one more thing before the summer’s over. Click after the jump to figure out how to help by sending us your or your son’s old gear.

While City Lax is always looking for volunteers, they’re also looking for donations in the form of gear. Seeing that most of us on the team have been playing since we were little I’m sure we can scrounge up some gear. If you’d like to donate feel free to send your sticks, helmets, and pads to the Blog Cabin at:

Red Hot Buffs
827 9th StreetBoulder, CO 80302
and we’ll be sure to get it to the right place. Or if you’d like, head to the City Lax site by clicking HERE and mail the gear directly. Thanks again to everyone who bought Red Hot Buffs merch!

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