Monday, June 6, 2011


A thank you segment from one-half of the Red Hot Buffs. Check it out after the jump. Enjoy.

As much as the 2011 season was a bit of a disappointment with a first round exit…and although the Buffs are once again coach-less, when I look back at my three years playing lacrosse at CU I see it as nothing but a positive experience. When I came to CU as a freshman I had no intention of playing lacrosse in college. I didn’t get recruited heavily out of high school and by the time I arrived in Boulder I was pretty much over it and ready to ski.

Fortunately, I had played with AJ in high school and knew he played at CU…and decided to do the same my sophomore year…
Although that first morning in the rec center at 6 AM for the fitness test I thought it may have been a terrible decision…I stuck it out, am so glad I did, and, over the past three years have had the chance to…

Beat CSU at Folsom

Play CSU at Dick's

and at Invesco
We made it to the playoffs all three years, including a trip to the semis in 09 and a broadcast on national television
We traveled to:
  • Wyoming

  • Utah
  • Michigan
  • Georgia
  • Missouri
  • California
  • Oregon
  • Washington
  • Boston
  • Connecticut
  • New Hampshire

Loyola Marymount


Oregon, Simon Frasier, Minnesota Duluth

And finally got to see my family on the East Coast in Boston

With Red Hot Buffs…
…we made Tall Tees

The Original

2010 Playoff Edition

And the 2011 Gray Collection for City Lax
Blogged for Inside Lacrosse and played at Vail
And, oddly enough, I was able to play in Italy and have an audience to tell about it…
More so than anything, CU Lacrosse gave me all my friends, something to do at all times, and an enjoyable experience here in Boulder. I definitely want to thank my parents for paying for me to play, all of the parents who’ve prepared tailgates for us and followed us on the road, the club sports department, and all of the coaches. If our program has shown you anything…its that its not easy to be a club lacrosse coach…and without throwing blame anywhere for why someone left, was let go, or why we lost a game here or there…I just want to thank them for all the time and effort they put forth towards our program and towards the experience I had here in Boulder. We’re all still on good terms and I’m sure whoever comes in next will find himself as always amongst a lot of talent, a lot of great kids, great parents, and a great place to live.
As for the future of Red Hot Buffs we’ll continue to do some posts over the summer but I’ll leave it to Steve to fill you in when he gives you his “The End” segment.

One of my favorite pictures from graduation....Ben Johns cheering on a graduating Darren Hulick