Sunday, January 27, 2013

Get To Know Us

Hi all, Griffin here. With Colin now out in California, and Steve no longer on the scene, RHB has sort of fallen off. Well, we want to remedy that. This season the team is intent on putting out more stuff, most of it mindless thoughts that appear in our heads, hopefully for your humor and entertainment.

That said, I thought it would be prudent to give a short bio on the blogging team here. This list is not by any means complete, and as the season goes on, we will likely get more new bloggers. But, in the mean time here are some fun facts about us.

Mitch Fenton: Mitch plays goalie for us, and he originally hails from Connecticut. Studying poli-sci, Mitch is aiming to be poor after he graduates. In that vain, Mitch is the team representative within the club sports administration, hoping to someday be able to trick a congressman by convincing them that his position actually had something to do with politics. He is one of just three players we have this season to have "lax lettuce" coming out the back of his helmet. Mitch and I have bonded over a shared love for the thoughts and insights of Ben Litwak.

Despite the face, notice how well Mitch is dressed

AJ Colazzi: AJ is a sophomore studying marketing in the business school. He plays midfield.  AJ is fond of yelling random crap at practice, telling the freshman what to do, and using a variety of different voices to stereotype groups of people. Despite what one might think when talking to AJ, he does not have a documented learning disability. AJ is half Mexican, which is cool, except he thinks that he can just speak Spanish at parties and people will like him more. It has the reverse effect.

This is clearly one smart looking guy

Tyler Dougherty: T-Doe is an engineering student, originally from Seattle. Tyler chose CU simply by virtue of the fact that sun is actually present in Boulder. Dough has a really cool Asian rice farmer hat, which I have always been very jealous of. Dough is one of the smartest and nicest guys on the team, and I am really having a difficult time thinking of sarcastic comments about him.

Here you can see just how cool Dough's hat is
Rowan Sloss: Rowan is a close defender for the Buffs, originally from Santa Cruz California. He studies aerospace engineering, which qualifies him both as incredibly smart and simultaneously wildly dim-witted. Smart, because he can actually understand how planes fly. Dim-witted because he spent all that time learning how planes can fly. Rowan has an exceptionally hairy chest, and I am slowly plotting my opportunity to shave a large mustache onto his torso.

A small glimpse at Rowan's chest hair
And just a quick word about me. I spend most of my time making sarcastic jokes, so it was only a matter of time until I joined the blogging world. I was born and raised in Boulder, which means that I eat exclusively organic fruits, granola, and quinoa. I play midfield for the team, and, as you may have gathered by now, I enjoy speculating on the whims of our coach, John Galvin.

This is my prized Kitten t-shirt. If you don't like cats then you're wrong.

We hope you all enjoy what we have to share with you this season.