Wednesday, March 17, 2010

On the Road Again

Success! We beat another over zealous Lindenwood team on Friday night. Unfortunately that's all we did. Miami got stuck at the airport due to some serious weather. On Saturday morning we reluctantly got back on the bus for our 15 hour ride back to Boulder. Lucky for us we have a great parent organization and before we headed home we stopped off at the Albrecht's for some delectable treats. Here are a few pictures we wanted to share.

The Albrecht's have a killer pad.

Everyone was having so much fun.

Co-author Colin Rosenblum getting after it on the foosball table.

Soon enough it was time to eat.

Everyone was completely satisfied.

Especially Nick and Colin.

Mrs. Albrecht and her incredible Banana pudding. I had 3 servings. Josh, please learn to make this.

Tyler Padzik. What a guy.

Nick Kupcewicz getting some serious business done. Titleist steeze AND Dashiki steeze.

Sam, Marty, & Litwak.

Freshman on their first college road trip. Marcus Alley, Matt White, Alex Puldy, Ryan Haines, Christian Wilson, & Ben Litwak.

Hap never leaves his long-board behind.

We didn't even eat here, I guess we just liked the sign.

Scootering Magazine.

Snyder and Max. Making memories.

Sargeant Blackburn, back from 'Nam.

It's strange how much fun can be had in a convenience store on the side of the highway.

Max & the Mississippi.


  1. first of all, Steve, you look like John Waters. second...we all went to the Trainwreck in '99. i think it was techno nite.

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